I'm on a definitive craft high right now.. I finished Vala_Amaris (Craftster)'s Christmas Stocking package, and sent that off today. It was super easy, actually... woohoo! I shipped it out of FedEx/Kinko's, and felt like I was cheating since I work at a Staples Copycenter. Me and the guy (the guy and I?) ragged each other about it the whole time, and fun was had by all. :)

I'm in the throes of knitting excitement, brought on by a ball of Noro Kureyon that my older sister bought me at my LYS the other day. My sister, Lisa, is in town from Washington State on leave from the Navy. She is a a fledgeling knitter (though 18 years older than me, haha) and I couldn't be more proud! :) Anyway, she bought me a ball of Kureyon and a ball of Silk Garden, too. *slobber* I cast on for three different hat patterns before I finally settled for my Kureyon ball, and the pattern is my own! Well, technically, I guess. I've never much understood what makes a pattern yours... I winged it, so I guess that does it? I kinda just cast on for about 90, I think, on size 8 circulars, joined and worked in P1K1 for 6 rows. Then I went into I guess kind of a butterfly-ish lace pattern... I adapted (or ganked, kinda if you think about it, hehe) a pattern out of the first Nikki Epstein book of edgings (the one with the blue on the front), out of the lace section. I just took the main element and left out all the fixins, so I could do what I wanted with it. :) The pattern, essentially, is R1: K, yo twice, k to end of row or stitches :) and R2: slip knit stitches and let yo's drop from needle, and then place all of the slipped stitches back on the left needle. Knit 3rd stitch and pass over first two, repeat with fourth stitch. Then go back and knit the 1st and second stitches off the left hand needle... it makes an 'x'. Repeat this the whole way around.

This is what it looks like for me:

I also added an extra stitch so that I could offset the x's. Normally the x's would be right on top of the other.

Now! Now, I just have to figure out how to finish the damn thing! :) I have never been good at finishing my own hats, and I thoroughly expect that I will experience a good bit of ripping and redoing in the coming days.

I know that I will probably have the same problem finding a pattern for the Silk Garden, and will surely be doing this all over again... hehe.

Ok... I think that's enough for right now. ... man, I can just go on and on about knitting... :)


An entirely non-craft related blog

Well, not really.

I am at work, as always, listening to R.E.M. on the muzak, feeling pretty good. The fair is in town, and it is down to 50 degrees or so (finally!) here in southern USA, and I'm in a good place. I spent some time with my family last night, starting with taking my little sister Margie downtown and taking lots of cool pictures with her and Jon, and ending with sitting on my parents bed (me, Jon, Margie, and said parents) watching Grey's Anatomy and talking about life and christmas. :)

I've been working like crazy on my current swap on Craftster, the Christmas Stocking Swap. I've got the stocking 99% finished (I need to weave in ends and get some ribbon to sew on the cuff) and I'm working madly on the other items. I think the items are mostly going to be bigger items since knitting big things is easier for me than small? I don't know. I'm planning on knockin' out some knucks for my partner, too.

Hmm.... contentment.
I love being able to break out my (one, haha) hand knit sweater again...
I love this season.