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Well, not really.

I am at work, as always, listening to R.E.M. on the muzak, feeling pretty good. The fair is in town, and it is down to 50 degrees or so (finally!) here in southern USA, and I'm in a good place. I spent some time with my family last night, starting with taking my little sister Margie downtown and taking lots of cool pictures with her and Jon, and ending with sitting on my parents bed (me, Jon, Margie, and said parents) watching Grey's Anatomy and talking about life and christmas. :)

I've been working like crazy on my current swap on Craftster, the Christmas Stocking Swap. I've got the stocking 99% finished (I need to weave in ends and get some ribbon to sew on the cuff) and I'm working madly on the other items. I think the items are mostly going to be bigger items since knitting big things is easier for me than small? I don't know. I'm planning on knockin' out some knucks for my partner, too.

Hmm.... contentment.
I love being able to break out my (one, haha) hand knit sweater again...
I love this season.


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