First Post!

If you are here, hopefully it is to do some stalking for the wonderful stuff you're about to send me, yes? ;)
Well, I was doing a swap questionairre for Craftster and realized that I had no way for people to swap-stalk me. Shameful!

I guess I'll start out with some about me.

My name is Keri, I am 19 and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I sorta-kinda attend the University of North Florida (which really means I'm disgusted with the school and am taking a little break until I miss it again), sorta-kinda for nursing. That sorta-kinda is because I love the medical field, but I'm not sure that it's what I want to do... I have a lot of interests and a lot of fingers in a lot of different places. So... whew.

I am engaged to my fiance, Jon, and we have been together a year and a half and known each other for seven years. He is my pookie and my best friend, I love him to death. We live together in what is my first apartment (not so much his, haha) and have a child, our rat terrier Maggie. :D

As far as crafts go, I am a die-hard, born-and-bred, get-that-hook-away-from-me knitter. I have been knitting for seven years and consider myself to be fairly advanced.. there are many techniques (see Eunny Jang's complicated-ass fair aisle) that I'm sure I could do if I had the patience or sense of security in my sanity, but I don't. I don't really like to knit cables either for the same reason but I can do it if I need to.
I love to knit entrelac, and I love to knit someone's handspun.
Patons SWS is by far my favorite yarn (so far) but I love anything involving the words 'cashmerino,' 'sport weight,' or 'machine wash.' Haha.
I really want to learn to spin my own yarn, but I have no space in my apartment, no wheel, no mentor, and no time. Someday, I'm sure. :)

I also make a lot of jewelry and love to expand my bead collection almost as much as my yarn stash. I am absolutely in LOVE with Swarovski crystals and pretty findings. I am experimenting with frosted glass beads and eye pins, which are my favorite creation, um, ever.
I am not a fan of chunky beads or chunky jewelry. I by far choose sublety and simplicity over something outrageous. I love simple bracelets, small dangly earrings... something just to catch the light.

I have a sewing machine... sitting in the trunk of my car... after sitting in my closet... suffice it to say I have not shown it much love. I'll break it out one of these years. I have also been known to stencil, I love spray-paint and spray adhesive. Does it surprise you that I love graffiti, too? ;)

I am interested in learning other crafts, but I am like a freakin donkey and don't really sway much from my set path. If it isn't yarn or beads, I'll play with it for a bit but lose inspiration after a while.


Hmm... I think my fingers are tired. There's a lot about me to write! Whew...


I think that's it for my first post. Happy stalking!



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