A little deeper...

Okay, another night at work, another night to type about me and what I like (or don't, whatever).

Some listy-things:

Favorite Colors:
Blues, greens, black...
I love deeper reds and magentas, and purples, too.
Pretty much, if you look at a ball of Noro Silk Garden- those are my favorite colors. I love blues and greens mixed together, though.

Favorite Cultural References:
(I guess this covers everything pop culture... I mean really why not?)
I love TV. No lie. However, at the moment I only have basic television (think rabbit ears) as the fiance and I are just too lazy to upgrade. CW has enough for us, darnit! I'm still relatively in touch with other things- I love Miami Ink, and though I haven't seen LA Ink I'm sure I love it too since I freakin love Kat. I love Mythbusters and any cool, dirty science show.. I am a non-squeamish member of the medical set, so assume that all medical, ooeygooey shows are good, too.

I love to read BoingBoing, and I love geeky things like XKCD.com, and prety much all of the online comics like toothpastefordinner.com and such.

I LOVE LOLCATS!!! Ohmygosh!! DO want.

I'm not so much on the Mys[fp]acebook. I used to be, then my laptop died and all of my internet access was limited to work, where I get everything BUT facebook and myspace. But it's okay- now I spend all of my time on Craftster!

I adore Postsecret, and Day of the Dead, and pin-ups and Harry Potter and fancy makeup and indie music and modern symphonic music.
That last one might not be such a pop-culture thing. but I did spend seven years in a performing arts school.
(Btw I spent seven years going to performing arts schools for classical music)

Speaking of music...
Favorite Music
My favorite genres... hmm. That's actually pretty broad. My dad is a jazz pianist, so I grew up on jazz and all of the standards from the 40's (Johnny Mercer? Classic.). My parents ran the music ministry at the church I went to when I was young, and though I am now a rabid atheist, I still find myself humming the odd church hymn.
As a rule, however, I love alternative from the 90's, I love some 80's (see New Order and DEFINITELY The Cure, omg), and I am a big fan of smarter music... I guess in that category I would put stuff like Death Cab For Cutie, etc. Music with more substance, less whining about the same things over and over again. Ben Gibbard is God.
I also love some heavier stuff, like Tool and Nine Inch Nails.
I am not a fan of metal or anything with the words 'blood,' 'death,' or 'scream' in the near vicinity. Bloody Screamy Death Metal is not my cuppa.
I am a HUGE fan of good rap, including in that De La Soul, Atmosphere (the love of my musical life), and Insane Clown Posse. Okay, ICP may not be good rap and may be a complete oxymoron to everything I said in the previous paragraph, but they make me laugh like crazy, and Violent J is actually quite intelligent. They are my secret love. :)

If I have to play faves, I'd say that Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, Atmosphere, and Ben Folds are my all-time favorite bands. I also love the Smashing Pumpkins and Incubus...
y'know. the standards. :D

I have to go do actual work now!


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